New! Professional Series Ionic Breeze

A guide here might be: who are his favourite people in the news, television or media that he follows?
Perhaps a sportsman, a hobbyist, a politician or a business man? Think on this for a moment and come up with someone or something. A little bit of effort behind your selection will make it more successful as a gift.

In the category of paintings (and I don’t mean those expensive ones on the high street) you will certainly find something that would appeal. Be prepared to scan through serval hundred to find the one that suite. It’s much easier to do from your laptop, than hiking around ships.
Also it does not need to be expe4sive. Just make sure you frame it up nicely so it looks the part.

If you girlfriend likes cuddly thing s then she is sure to find a Teddy Bear very appealing , The latest UK make3 of these is Charlie Bears, based in the UK Just one look at these will warm your hears. The designs as re fabulous and the next best thing to having a real live pet.
One feature you will notice is the use of fabrics in particular, mohair which gives them a lovely feel to the touch.
The range covers prices from £50 right up to collectors pieces at £250 or so.
The makers decided to make exclusive limited edition range sin order to develop their presence the collectables market.