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The range of items to choose a gift from in jewellery pieces is vast. In order to focus down, think of selecting something that relates to her. She may have a charm bracelet so a trinket that represents or has a milestone birthday or a new baby, would make an ideal gift. The thought is just as important as the gift itself.
If she cares about the environment, there are shops and outlets that offer recycled goods. Again the story behind the gift is that you know how much she cares about the environment.

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 If your wife travels, you could take a look at the  travel document holder.If she thinks poms are cute, then a pom keyring might be a great gift.
The large poms ensure the keys are always easy to find even when left obscurely around the house.
Here are a few slightly different gift ideas you might not have thought of.
A spa day is something that your wife might not indulge herself but makes a great gift. The essence is it is an experience where she is pampered and made to feel very special. The range of treatments and the way they are presented, will certainly appeal, if you know for sure she should actually go along to the venue.
An alternative but even more exciting option is a destination holiday gift, which would suite a special milestone such as a 30th birthday

A more thoughtful gift could be a collection of cherished memories of memorable events.
She would find it extremely thoughtful if you were to spend little time collecting photos over the period a few years then mounting them in a special album. A different approach altogether would be to buy her a ticket to a concert of her favourite artist, especially if she was not expecting it. The atmosphere is perfect for celebration as it is a high energy event.

Finally there is the romantic dinner date at a top restaurant, one that you would not usually go to. First time visit are often memorable because of the new experience and you can certainly take time to select the best one in your neck of the woods.